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Where VC investors see complexity, we see opportunity.

Stage Fund is a female-led buyout private equity fund focused on acquiring Series A & Series B venture-backed companies who are in need of an alternative path to success.






Avg. yrs to exit

Stage Fund is a majority female-owned and operated buyout micro private equity firm focused on acquiring series A and series B venture-backed companies who are in need of an alternative path to success.

We are founders, entrepreneurs and investors who have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of building a business and making private equity investments.

Failing to raise a Series B funding round does not mean you have failed as a founder or CEO. We can offer a path forward.

We know how hard it is to ask for help - when you are ready, we are here. No judgment. No criticism. .

What we look for


Previously raised >$10MM

cashflow negative restructuring

> $2MM in Revenue

turnaround i

SaaS, Tech-Enabled Services & CPG

The traditional venture capital portfolio of invested companies is not the only route to success for startups and their founders. Venture capital investors need to constantly evaluate their portfolio of investments to focus the most capital on those businesses with the potential to deliver outsized returns. VCs are forced to drop the companies that are not on the trajectory to become unicorns.

The problem is the inherent market assumption that startups who fail to raise their next venture round are destined to fail or have hit a dead end. Many Series A and Series B funded companies have unique technology, they have a customer base, and they can demonstrate product-market fit.

While these teams cannot show a multiple growth to their investors, they can show traction within the market that can be attractive to how we look at early stage private equity. Those companies have true value, and we believe that they deserve to keep going, even if it is not on the venture path.

Stage Fund is a buyout fund here to offer a new vehicle for startups that were previously venture-backed. We make private equity investments and acquisitions of Series A, Series B and Series C companies in SaaS, tech-enabled services and consumer-packaged goods who have previously raised over $10 million and have an annual revenue exceeding $2 million.