Stage Acquires Haystack Mountain Cheese, an Award-winning Creamery in Longmont, CO

DENVER, May 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Stage, a specialized growth venture fund that invests in technology enabled and consumer products businesses in need of fresh capital and operating expertise, today announced it has acquired Haystack Mountain Creamery (“the Company”), a highly decorated cheese maker out of Longmont, Colorado.


“The opportunity to join Stage is outstanding,” said Chuck Hellmer, the President of the Company. “With our diverse and unique offerings of goat and cow’s milk cheeses, Stage will bring a new element in growing our brand and presence within local and regional markets.”

The Company has a rich history as an artisanal cheese maker in Colorado, pioneering a path for the local cheese industry. With humble beginnings in the farmers markets around Boulder, Colorado in 1989, the Company received its first award in 1992. Since then, the Company has received eighty total awards and twenty first place awards for their cheeses, including the Best American Cheese Award in 2017 and 2018 from the Guild of Fine Foods.

Krista Morgan, General Partner at Stage shared, “We could not be more delighted to bring Haystack into our portfolio. Supply chain issues during COVID-19 took a toll across the country but Haystack is well-equipped for a new season of growth and expansion.”

Board member, Mark Retzloff, co-founder of Horizon Dairy, Aurora Organic Dairy and Alfalfas Markets, said, “There is so much excitement surrounding the team at Haystack. Jackie Chang is an outstanding talent that is well-known throughout the industry for her passion and unwavering commitment to excellence”.

The Company operates its own facility in Longmont, Colorado, a beautiful location with a backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. Lauren Clough, Operating Parter at Stage commented, “We are here to preserve and elevate a brand that has a storied history and loyal following. With the highest level of quality standards, Haystack will focus on continuing to serve the local markets while expanding our reach nationally so that more consumers can experience this exceptional product.”

About Haystack Mountain Cheese
Haystack was founded in 1989 and specializes in goat and cow’s milk cheeses. With a collection of awards since its founding, Haystack has set a standard in American cheese making. Prioritizing the greatest quality of local dairy, Haystack creates some of the finest cheese in the world. You can read more at

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