November 2021 Newsletter

Dan, Krista, and Ingrid got together in early 2020 to build upon what Dan started in 2009 and expand it into a fund model. With venture dollars increasing, many good companies are being orphaned by their equity and need an alternative path. Krista, having faced relatable obstacles in her founder path, recently published a blog on the experiences that led her to joining Stage as a General Partner. You can read about her thoughts on “How a Failure to Raise turned me into a GP” here.

Ingrid Alongi, Krista Morgan & Dan Frydenlund

We saw a lot of exciting activity in our portfolio in the second half of 2021. Due to ThirdChannel performing well above expectations, Stage closed Fund I on October 29. Fund I is comprised of five companies so far and we are looking to add one or two more in the near future.   

The current five companies are ThirdChannelNeedleCoops & FeathersHaystack Mountain Creamery and Zeal Technologies. You can read the fund close announcement here.  

ThirdChannel (TC) will be attending The Running Event the week of November 30 in Austin, TX where we will build upon and increase our presence within athletic footwear and apparel. TC has newly signed a top global fashion accessories brand and we will have very exciting news on new ThirdChannel e-commerce solutions coming in early 2022. The TC brand updates and messaging will take shape over the upcoming months – keep an eye out for our press release early in 2022 to highlight these updates.

We have grown the Stage team significantly and are excited to announce the hires of two Senior Accountants, Katie Schreiner, and Julie Jonker. We have added an Accounting Assistant, Samone Dowdy and a Customer Service Representative/Shared Services Assistant, Taylor Feldt

We have been expanding the team at Haystack Mountain Creamery, our award-winning cheese company, and are working to add a cheesemaker apprentice and a food safety specialist. Spread the word to your network and share our job openings listed here.  

We are excited to be moving through the remainder of the year with great momentum. We will keep you updated on our growth as we approach the end of the year. 

Stage has a fresh look! Head over to the site to check it out.  

 Dan, Krista, and Ingrid 

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