Experienced early stage private equity investors

Over the last decade we have acquired
over 20 companies
and successfully exited more than half.

VCs orphan great companies by design

Venture Capital traditionally focuses on maximizing upside potential – striving for high returns on a small number of investments in order to offset losses on a majority of investments. VC investors must focus their attention towards the top 2% of their portfolio in terms of growth and revenue. This leaves the other 98% – many of them perfectly good companies! – in desperate need of investment.

The Stage playbook

At Stage, we believe in a different path to Venture Capital’s growth-or-nothing worldview. We prioritize stability and sound business practices along with growth, injecting capital and operational expertise to create profitable mid-size companies with a clear path to exit in 2-4 years.

Fully-aligned with our companies

Our partners have a history as founders and operators who have experienced their share of successes and failures. We understand how to get companies on the right path, and our hands-on approach is effective. Our founders trust us, and lenders see our results and return to us with new investment opportunities.

Get in touch

if you’d like to talk to us about your company, please reach out to us at info@stagefund.com.

Our offices are located at:

300 Lawrence Street, Suite 124, Denver, Colorado 80205