Reveal Geometry

Not all unicorns are created equal, many times your portfolio becomes over leveraged with no success in sight.

We understand that at times portfolio restructuring can be part of your job, and selling previous investments can be a piece of this process.

Stage helps you filter through the companies that might be of interest to our model, freeing up resources so you can focus on your top 3% among your portfolio.

We invest in companies with these special situations, pair our bespoke shared services with the company needs and get them to an exit.

  • StageĀ is industry agnostic
    (no life science or bio-tech)

  • B2B companies with a high-tech or consumer product.

  • $2-$10MM in revenue

Let's talk about some of our previous exits and how we built bespoke shared services to get them on a track to profitability.

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