Reveal Geometry

Fearless | Adaptable | Candid | Empathetic.

We are NOT traditional private equity.

What most investors see as a distressed asset, we see as an opportunity to build an innovative path to success for complex companies.

We are here because we love solving difficult problems. “Success” is not just one path and we want to break the stigma around distressed asset investing.

We love the people that choose to be entrepreneurs and operate businesses. We are excited and energized about finding solutions to the challenges companies and founders face.

We thrive on recognizing value amid chaos.

We identify good businesses that have, for a variety of reasons, reached a crisis point – they are underperforming or have been orphaned. These circumstances are stressful, scary, and complex for founding teams. The business they built needs to change, and that change is challenging to navigate. We show up and FACE challenges with our core values top of mind.

Fearless | Adaptable | Candid | Empathetic

We are founders. We have started, built, bought, sold, and struggled. We have won, lost, and lived to tell the story.

We fearlessly jump into complex situations. Where other investors see a distressed asset, we see an opportunity to build a new form of success for startups and their teams.

Our collective experiences enable us to empathize with founding teams. No judgment, no criticism.

We candidly discuss the reality of the business and the position it is in. We work together with companies, their investors, and lenders to find a solution and path forward towards an exit.

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy. Our adaptability allows us to tailor a solution to create a win-win for ourselves and the teams we work with.

We are a diverse group with unique skills and experiences. Our values keep us aligned and enable us to turn problems into profits.

We are not a traditional private equity fund; we are Stage.

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