Reveal Geometry

We partner with mission-driven startup founders who previously took a venture round but have the drive to continue pursuing their company’s vision off of the venture capital funding route.

We collaborate with our strong network of venture capital investors and venture lending partners to identify and acquire the majority-stake in startup companies who need an alternative path to success.

Startups fail; many do for reasons beyond their control. Venture capitalists need to constantly re-evaluate their portfolio companies, pushing aside Series A and Series B startups that are not on a clear path towards a unicorn trajectory.

Venture lenders need a solution for startups who have taken venture debt in order to bridge their next funding round or extend their runway, but are unable to pay back their loans. These businesses may not be cash flow positive or profitable enough for venture capital investors to sign on for the next round. Stage Fund steps in to provide a positive resolution for investors, lenders, and startups alike.

Early-stage companies have big ideas, take significant risks, and set out to solve complicated problems. The worst outcome would be to waste this explosive growth in venture capital by losing the resulting innovation simply because a company isn’t on track to becoming a unicorn.

We believe in a different path – one of stability, growth, and profit where we target our portfolio company for an exit. Stage Fund has a history and wealth of knowledge as operators who have failed and succeeded. We know how to get you through it, together. 

Current Portfolio

Past Investments

Formerly Blue Cod Solutions, an independent strategic partner, providing the outsourced operating business model for property/casualty insurance market

The largest repository of K-12 online school curriculum for nontraditional school system environments.

SkyeTek specializes in high-performing HF and UHF RFID technologies that maximize efficiency and visibility for OEMs

Ontuitive as the foundation for one of the most dynamic corporate learning and developing companies.

Software technology used to tag and provide analytics for the oil and gas industry.

Provider of interactive voice response (IVR) services for the transit and 511 markets.

The largest online marketplace for scheduled private car service. Search, compare and book private transportation available with private operators globally

Iconixx, incentive compensation management platform, increasing sales & improving profitability by automating, and optimizing commission and incentive processes

Groople, a travel reservations engine for group analytics based technology. Re-launched in November 2011.

Oil & Gas RFID Solution Group is recognized as a technology and thought leader in RFID systems for the oil and gas sector

Raden is technology enabled luggage supporting a brilliant modernized means of traveling with built in chargers, scales & proximity sensors

ComCloud’s “Single-Pane-of-Glass Portal” includes a unique Communication Suite, Computing Suite, and Virtual Desktop Application Delivery

A technology solutions empowering the $9 trillion commercial real estate finance industry; find deals, source capital and identify trusted business partners

Social games for mobile and tablet platforms. Having sold their creations to Disney in the past

Transform your organization into an open, productive work environment by introducing collaboration & interactivity into the employee experience.

Stage is industry-agnostic, with the exception of life science and biotech companies. We work with B2B companies with a high-tech or consumer product. Stage is a buyout micro private equity fund that acquires Series A and Series B companies with $2-$10MM in revenue. Learn more about our portfolio companies and reach out if you think you are a good fit!