Cindy Flanigan

Reveal Geometry

Cindy Flanigan is Executive Assistant at Stage Fund. She started her career in the political world, working for U.S. Senator Craig Thomas from Wyoming for six years and serving as a Senior Legislative Analyst in the U.S. Department of the Interior.  However, when Cindy discovered her passion for logistical execution and project management, she transitioned to an elite executive assistant for C-suite executives.

In the past 14 years, Cindy has served as the administrative and event management expert for CEOs and GPs in large public companies, wildly successful private business consulting groups, small, scrappy tech startups, and she is now implementing her skills in an innovative venture studio, namely Stage.

As the sole Executive Assistant, Cindy applies her varied experience to improve the productivity and efficiency of the Stage Partnership, Shared Services, and all of Stage’s portfolio companies.  In addition to all traditional support functions, Cindy jumps in to fill in resource gaps when necessary.  Cindy navigates a dynamic workload and produces excellent deliverables to reduce executive burden and keep Stage visionaries focused on the big picture.