Julian Kyer

Reveal Geometry

Julian Kyer joined the Stage team as Engineer in Residence, where he focuses on assisting portfolio companies with software development, as well as conducting technical due diligence. Coming from a background as a professional athlete in the sport of road cycling, Julian found the startup world to be a close analogue of the high-speed world of bicycle racing and finds himself at home in fast-paced situations that involve assessing a team’s needs and making them happen.

Julian has experience developing software for clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies and enjoys using his expertise from this range of clients to develop technical programs that accelerate the business needs of the platforms he works on. Fundamentally, Julian sees business development as a team sport, and relishes putting the right people together in the right place, at the right time, to do amazing work.

When he does not have his fingers on a keyboard, he can be found skiing, riding motorcycles, scanning the web for new music, and creating graffiti art for his friends and family.