Kellyn Bechtold

Reveal Geometry

Kellyn Bechtold is the Director of Operations at Stage where she focuses primarily on Stage and portfolio company operations, strategy, prioritization, and planning. As the head of Shared Services, Kellyn also oversees cross-departmental strategic initiatives and core organizational processes. Throughout her career, Kellyn has partnered with leadership teams in various industries to strategically shape the future of organizations by making evidence-based decisions, creating clear action plans, and driving focus, accountability, and execution.

With an MBA/MPH, Kellyn combines her background as Chief of Staff to tech CEO’s, specialized project management and career development to fuse individual employee satisfaction and success with measurable company growth. For 14+ years, Kellyn has partnered with leadership teams to translate leadership vision into annual & quarterly goals, KPIs and clear roles & responsibilities. Stage and its portfolio utilize the Entrepreneurial Operating System (Traction) with Kellyn’s direction and oversight.

Sidenote: She once spent a summer on an island in Fiji with 19 strangers to compete for $1M on Survivor (CBS) and learned a whole new perspective on finding purpose and passion in life.