Lauren Clough

Reveal Geometry

Lauren Clough has spent 20 years in senior business development and executive leadership roles. In her previous career, Lauren was responsible for managing supplier relationships worth $560M in sales from key brands like Nestle, Kellogg’s, Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, S.C. Johnson, Simplot, and Hormel. This experience provided an intimate look into some of the best practices around supply chain, operations, sales/marketing, and finance.

Lauren joined Stage Fund Capital in 2021 and serves as an integral member of the Operating Partners Private Equity group. Mrs. Clough engages across executive function including strategic negotiations and implementing various efficiency and cost reduction strategies, as well as expanding reach, presence, and profitability.

Excellent founders can change how business gets done and create immense value. Lauren has been able to partner with B2B SaaS, Technology Enabled, and CPG companies enabling catalytic growth. She loves getting opportunities to work with an amazing founder fine tuning strategies and execution to optimize the business and escalate growth.

Most recently Lauren has been spending the majority of her time as Haystack Mountain Creamery’s Chief Executive Officer in the CPG space. Haystack is a local creamery with a broad and enthusiastic following. Haystack is focusing on expanding reach to a national footprint, while creating efficiencies in operations through equipment and process.