Samone Dowdy

Reveal Geometry

Samone Dowdy is the Bookkeeper and HR Compliance Administrator at Stage. Samone’s role is to ensure that everyone stays happy and gets paid. Samone plays a proactive role in the day-to-day activities related to supporting Stage’s exceptional Senior Accounting team. Samone focuses on accounts payable processing, as well as execution of payroll for Stage Shared Services and all existing portfolio companies.  Samone is also the chief point of contact for Human Resource and benefit related enquiries.

Samone is a self-motivated and detail-oriented trailblazer with an honored track record of supporting senior leadership and financial teams. She also finds interest in culture and linguistics. Samone speaks 3 languages and often enjoys traveling abroad. She places a high value on creating memorable experiences in life. Ray Bradbury said it best, “Treasure this day, and treasure yourself. Truly, neither will ever happen again.”