Taylor Feldt

Reveal Geometry

Taylor Feldt is currently working for shared services at Stage where her main point of focus is managing customer service, inventory, purchase orders and data entry for Coops and Feathers, as well as providing support to the additional portfolio companies.  In the developing years of the original Stage Fund, Taylor was the company’s content writer, responsible for all website content, newsletters, and press releases. Taylor’s goal is to continue to learn the innerworkings of Stage, and to be as supportive as possible for all the portfolio companies.

In conjunction with working at Stage, Taylor has managed a nonprofit organization for four years, keeping up with day-to-day demands and organizing events to support communal needs, such as senior and youth events, along with free recreational activities for Clear Creek County, Colorado.   In addition to her current volunteer work, her efforts continued in Thailand where she volunteered at an animal sanctuary, caring for elephants in recovery.  Travel has fostered a sense of altruism within Taylor, and she hopes to continue down a fulfilling path of exploration and empathetic growth.