Theron McCollough

Reveal Geometry

Theron McCollough is the founder & CEO of fiifi, a quantitative portfolio management system for investors. fiifi is the product of choice for, portfolio analysis, deal flow, buying and selling pro-rata and secondaries.

He has been an entrepreneur for over a decade, selling his first company in 2010. As an active investor and accomplished entrepreneur, he brings experience on many sides of the table. Theron’s knowledge and proficiency in business development, content creation, product management, sales and marketing is unparalleled.

As a Managing Director with Silicon Valley Bank, he oversaw 61% of their global early-stage ecosystem. He was Head of Startup Growth at Pivotal Software (PVTL) and developed the Pivotal for Startups program. Theron earned his investment stripes with SaaS, B2B fund & accelerator Acceleprise.

Theron focuses on business development and sales for technology and SaaS startups selling to the enterprise. Partnering with engineering and sales teams, he promotes company value and delivers on strategic goals.

Theron is a recognized expert in guerrilla marketing and social networking. He has a knack for user centric design and building impactful products.

He is a strong proponent of holistic self-improvement and cross-trains both mentally and physically. Theron’s strength lies in his ability to set clear and concise goals and ensure that they are followed through with.