We are not typical investors

Fearless, Adaptable, Candid, Empathetic,

Startups are made to think that the traditional venture capital route is the only path to success. We believe in a different path: one of stability, growth, and profit where we target our portfolio for an exit. At our core, we are fearless, candid, empathetic, and adaptable equity partners who have the experience to build a successful exit that benefits your startup and stakeholders.

What we do


Setup for

This is at the core of the Stage playbook.
If you’re moving off the venture path you need to reset your debt, cap table, and properly incentivize the current team. We ensure that as of Day 1, the company is properly structured and capitalized so they can focus on product and sales.


New operating framework

Our playbook is designed to allow portfolio companies to focus on what matters. Our shared services team handles finance, HR, and administrative work. We are hands on investors, we implement the EOS framework and stand shoulder to shoulder with our portfolio CEOs helping them execute.


Balance growth and profit

Our capital injections post-acquisition are modest and highly focused on the areas where it is needed most. It means that we will always look first for ways to solve problems that don’t require capital.

And it means that we get portfolio companies on a profitable path as quickly as possible.


Fast exits

We are not long-term investors, our goal is to get the company restructured, rightsized, and growing, and then we look for either a growth capital partner, or strategic acquisition to give everyone an exit that makes a difference.