Reveal Geometry

We've helped 19 companies restructure their equity and alleviate debt.

We've given investors an average 8x ROI and founders the opportunity to achieve a meaningful exit.

We are an early stage owner-operator that gives founders an alternative path to success.

Venture Capital focuses on maximizing upside potential – striving for high returns on a small number of investments to offset the losses on the majority of investments.

VC's therefore end up focusing attention on only portfolio companies with unnatural amounts of growth and uptick in revenue. Leaving the rest of their portfolio behind or with strategies to fundraise at all costs.

We believe in a different path, one of stability, growth, and profit where we target our portfolio for an exit. Stage has a history as operators who have failed and succeeded, we know how to get you through it, together.

What we look for


Previously raised $5MM

cashflow negative restructuring

$2MM + Revenue

turnaround i


Our Process

Not all startups are on a unicorn trajectory and oftentimes they have prematurely scaled in order to satisfy investor expectations. 

Stage Fund identifies companies with a similar status in venture portfolios that have potential to be turned into profitable mid-sized companies and inject fuel to achieve impressive profit status. 

We invest in companies that have FTE’s, are producing $2MM or more in revenue and are cash flow negative. We invest capital and with our shared services, specialized talent to mature, sales, marketing, and finance.  

We have skin in the game and personally guide the company up to an acquisition. We like companies with a clear path to exit in 24-48 months. We like to take a majority investment > 51%  

Taking your company from “0” to “1” was no easy task. You have product market fit, or some assemblance of it — and a large market segment. We guide you through the path to customer, channel and new GTM. Stage is there to help you make the next big step in your company and be an extension of your executive team. 

  • We bring in our shared services right away to help refine your margins and increase scalability 
  • We are on your board from day 1 
  • Your partners in business, with strong industry intros, partners and potential customers 
  • Access to our network of top tier funds and acquirers 

Many times startups fall into situations where traditional VC investors don’t see the right fit, and the potential returns don’t hit their threshold. These companies are usually in the series A round of funding and too early for private equity. 

In this instance we acquire and recapitalize the company and fill the much needed gaps with experts from our network on an interim or full time basis.  

Stage helps build out scalable sales teams, create marketing campaigns and sets up proper financing or whatever the company needs to become cash flow positive. 

When you team up with Stage, you join a community of innovators, creators, and people who have experienced what you are experiencing right now. As a portfolio company in our network, you gain access to high quality hires, large customers, investors and partners. 

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